Kidding (Season 2) ★★★★

The first season of Dave Holstein’s comedy-drama Kidding seemed to arrive at the perfect time. Jim Carrey was coming hot off the back of a prolonged hiatus and a reunion between him and executive producer Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) led many to believe that we were getting more of the raw, […]

Kidding (S2) ‘The Puppet Dalai Lama’ Recap

Time travel can help us fix the problems of our past. I think that’s why many people lose themselves in tales of it. But the season finale of Kidding proves that managing to make time stop is the only thing that can help us to remain happy. If that’s true, then Will has been searching […]

Kidding (S2) : ‘The Nightingale Pledge’ Recap

As the second season of Dave Holstein’s Kidding begins its send off, it appears as though many pieces of this strange, wonderful jigsaw are coming together in ways I wouldn’t have predicted. As we’re taken back to the aftermath of ‘Lt. Pickles’ and Tara Lipinski’s accident. As a young boy worries it’s his own fault, […]

Kidding (S2) : ‘A Seat on the Rocket’ Recap

Whilst we’ve definitely seen a lot of Jeff and Deirdre Piccirillo’s backstory, enough to know where Puppet Time and most of its themes come from, we’ve never been given the inciting incident that set the show in motion. It turns out it was in 1986. As young Jeff watches the Challenger explosion live on television […]

Kidding (S2) : ‘The Acceptance Speech’ Recap

It’s 1993. Maestro Pimento Fermata from Puppet Time has a brand-new cereal out, ‘Best Os’ that come with singing, vibrating pickles for the pickle chorus! Cue the riot of mothers rushing out to buy their kids cereal boxes – it’s mass hysteria like the Black Friday sales but not for an obvious reason. As a […]

Kidding (S2) : ‘The Death of Fil’ Recap

After the dreamlike sheltered surrealism of ‘Episode 3101’ we crash back down to Earth and the ramifications of Jeff’s actions in Kidding as the Filipino Mr. Pickles is murdered by the state police for preaching the practice of divorce in a country where it is outlawed. Over in the US Jeff is hounded during an […]

Kidding (S2) : ‘Episode 3101’ Recap

Mr. Pickles’ Puppet Time is back on the air! And what’s even better still is that I’ve got my biggest wish with Dave Holstein’s Kidding – this week we were treated to an entire episode of the show itself directed by Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind visionary Michel Gondry! Not only that, but it […]

Kidding (S2) : ‘I Wonder What Grass Tastes Like’ Recap

Divorce brings out the cruelty of people, and whilst the fallout from Dee and Scott’s divorce might have finally allowed Dee to see her self-worth, it’s come at the cost of Jeff’s true friends. We’re in war-torn Croatia, 1991 for Kidding’s cold open as two children traverse the battlegrounds for shelter. A group of refugee […]

Kidding (S2) : ‘I’m Listening’ Recap

Kidding begins to string together its different narratives in a cohesive whole for this season, and it looks as though Jeff’s going to be in for some serious ethical and legal trouble. But first, in the episode’s cold open we’re introduced to a young blind Puppet Time viewer, overjoyed from being able to see Mr. […]

Kidding (S2) : ‘Up, Down and Everything In Between’ Recap

During my recaps for the first season of Kidding, I remember saying that I wanted an entire episode set within the fictional show of its protagonist ‘Mr. Pickles’ Puppet Time’ and if this is the closest we get… I’ll still be extraordinarily happy.